Heating and Air Conditioning FAQ

1.) Is Sun Country Heating and Cooling, Inc. family owned and operated?

- Yes.

2.) Does Sun Country Heating and Cooling, Inc. employ certified factory trained service technicians?

- Yes, we have technicians and installers that are certified factory trained service technicians.

3.) What type of maintenance agreements do you offer?

- We offer several different types of maintenance contracts for local area businesses and residential needs. Our preventative maintenance contracts help to maintain your existing equipment and extend the life of your equipment. We can create a maintenance agreement that is custom tailored to your needs.

4.) What type of heating and air equipment does Sun Country Heating and Cooling, Inc. sell and install?

- Trane Heating and A/C equipment. However, we service all brands of equipment.

5.) What all is done in a maintenance?

- What is done in a maintenance is; cleaning the coil, check & clean filters, check electric heat components and elements, check reversing valve, defrost, compressor, amp draws.

6.) Does Sun Country Heating and Cooling, Inc. offer financing options?

- Yes, we offer financing options through America Standard. Please contact us for more information.

7.) How often should filters be replaced?

- Filters should be checked and changed monthly.

8.) Why does Sun Country Heating and Cooling, Inc. install Trane heating equipment?

- We believe Trane produces the best quality product in the business and want to ensure quality for our customers.