Sun Country Customer Testimonials


After talking to my coworkers about the nightmare of an experience I had with a particular air company that came to my house and tried to upsell me, they recommended this company. I called and spoke to a woman named Cheryl (My apologies if I misspelled your name) and she was very friendly and professional. I told her that there were some issues with the duct work and it appeared to have a hole in it. Ray, the owner I believe, came out with another person and gave me a reasonable estimate. They explained everything they were going to do and charged me about half of what the other company wanted. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a headache it was dealing with the other company that came to my house.

We did have to reschedule because it was going to be a several hour job but a different crew (still very professional) came out and fixed everything. The air works so much better now that there isn't a hole in the duct work. I would absolutely recommend this company. I refuse to deal with anyone else but this company.

Armando W. - Las Vegas, NV


Can I give this place 6 stars?

My A/C stopped working last night in the middle of the night, which was not pleasant. Got home and tried to self diagnose the problem to no avail. Sun Country was the first to call back, and they had a guy at my house within a couple of hours. 20 minutes on the roof and he fixed the problem. I asked him what the bill was, he said no charge since he wanted to make sure there wasn't more of a problem later on they'd need to come back out for. I tried to peel off a $10 bill to tip the guy, and he refused.

Amazing service. I won't hesitate to use them again!!!

Rob P. - Las Vegas, NV


Over the years I've dealt with a few A/C companies, and right now I think I've found one to stick with. Most companies offer decent service, but this one seems to offer very good service and good prices.

So why sweat your butt off when you can opt to have a service come and maintain your A/C and not try the ole "Hey, for only $1500 we can replace that old unit!"!!??!!

The guy who showed up was clean, friendly, ON TIME, and didn't have a butt crack a mile high! He was courteous and answered all questions shot at him. There was no flim flam, bait and switch, or razzle dazzle.

Chris W. - Las Vegas, NV

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